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A selection of the things going on in the Gold Coast product photography studio in Tugun

December 2018 - Christmas opening hours and deadlines

Christmas is almost upon us again (where did 2018 go?) and we'll be taking a short break over Christmas from Monday 24 December to Wed 2 January. There's still time – just – to get your product photography organised, shot, processed and ready for downloading before Christmas. To ensure that your photography is completed prior to Christmas, your products must be in the product photography studio in Tugun no later than Monday 17 December. There are a limited number of studio slots available for the rest of 2018, so get in there quick if you want your products shot in a hurry.

August 2018 - Social media update

Social media is not, perhaps, Pristine Product Photography's strong point, but at last we're on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us to see the latest updates from the Gold Coast product photography studio and to see some of the most recent images from our photoshoots. And Facebook? Yes, Pristine Product Photography already had a Facebook page - hopefully there'll be a bit more on it now!

July 2018 - New financial year, new pricelist

Now that the 2017-2018 financial year has finished, there have been a few updates to the pricelist for the new tax year. For the most part, the prices have stayed the same or very similar to last year, but the pricing structure for some types of product photography have been simplified. These changes better reflect the types of photography that most often come through the product photography studio, as well as the (increasingly large!) scale of work. You can see the new product photography pricelist here

May 2018 - Sports bag photography with reflections

Clothing and accessories photography doesn't usually have reflections or shadows, but sometimes the images need to be a bit more striking. This is particularly true for sportswear, so for this shoot for Workshop Clique, we photographed their workout bag set with a reflection. For product photography with reflections, the reflections can be added in one of two ways - the first is with Photoshop. However, unless the shape of the product is entirely uniform and is a straight line along the bottom, a reflection is not simply a flipped-over version of the original image (try it with the photo beneath). It can usually be done with Photoshop, but can take a lot of work. So, much more appropriate for many products, is the second way to produce reflections, which is to shoot the product on a reflective product table. It can be a bit complicated but we have a lot of experience with product photography and photographing reflections so we can always make the product and the reflection look great!

Sportwear Bag

April 2018 - Product photography with commercial graphic design

These days, businesses must have fantastic images not only on their own websites but also on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. However, many small businesses don't have the budget for high-quality photoshoots involving a model, stylist, hair and make-up, etc. A way around this that is increasingly being used by start-ups and small businesses is to use stock photography in combination with product photography. To use stock photography, you can easily purchase a suitable photo from one of the many stock image websites (including all the usage rights that you need to use them on a commercial website and for advertising) and then Pristine Product Photography on the Gold Coast can take photographs of your products and then use graphic design to add your product to the stock image so that it looks completely natural. This is a cost effective way to get great photographs to promote your product! Here is an example of an image where we took the photos of the product (the butterflies) and added them to a stock photograph purchased off the web.

                Graphic Design 

March 2018 - Beauty product photography

Here at Pristine Product Photography, we do a lot of beauty product photography, but I just scrolled down through the product photography blog and there's barely a mention beauty products! So here's a picture from a recent shoot with Esmi that is nice and colourful.
Shooting glassware against a white background can be a challenge, but there are a few special product photography tricks to make sure that you can see the glass as well as the contents. It's all in the lighting... plus a little bit of Photoshop magic.

Beauty product photography on the Gold Coast

February 2018 - Electrical hardware photography

Electrical hardware photography is becoming more and more common at the Gold Coast product photography studio. In recent years, particular since the advent of e-commerce websites, lots of vendors have moved into the field, and it's no longer just the big high-street players that sell high-quality electrical hardware. Here's an example of a recent photoshoot of a neat little bluetooth speaker that we shot in the studio with a fairly simple product photography set up.

Electrical Hardware Photography
              from Gold Coast Product Photography

January 2018 - Product photography for e-commerce

Here's a product photography image from a recent photoshoot in the Gold Coast product photography studio with Tuff Tool Bags. Not only does the shot look great, but it's also a good example of a product photography image that is ready for use on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and others. Not only can we do the product photography, but we can also make sure that the files are the right size and format and comply with all the website's rules so that they don't get rejected. We can even supply you with multiple files because the various e-commerce websites have slightly different rules for the images. In this case, for example, we supplied not only the hi-res product photography images, but also files that were ready to be uploaded to the Amazon website and duplicate files ready for Facebook. In this way, Pristine Product Photography can make sure there is no delay in getting your product online and into the marketplace before your competitors do.

              photography for e-commerce

January 2018 - Happy New Year from the Gold Coast's local product photographers

Well, that's it for 2017 and we're all looking forward to getting back into the product photography studio in 2018. Last year was very busy as internet advertising and retailing became ever more important for businesses large and small. That internet- and media-driven growth will only continue in 2018 so we expect this year will be just as busy and companies throughout Australia realise that they need absolutely perfect photography for their commercial websites, as well as their online following.

As we enter 2018, there have been a couple of minor changes to the website and the business, but nothing major. The biggest tweak has been some changes to the pricing to better reflect the number and type of images that most businesses are currently requesting. These changes should simplify the pricing and make it easier to predict the total cost of your product photography project. You can see the 2018 product photography pricing here. If you have any questions about the new pricing or anything else, just get in touch with Pristine Product Photography here.  

December 2017 - Product photography for Amazon

As you almost certainly know, Amazon recently launched in Australia. The Amazon marketplace has strict criteria about the product photography that is allowed on their website, and that iPhone shot is just not going to cut it! If you want your products to be sold via the Amazon website, you need professional product photography and you need a photographer who is used to working within Amazon's rules. Fortunately, at Pristine Product Photography we have loads of experience of working with products for the Amazon retail website, so get in touch and we'll make sure that your product photography is suitable for the Amazon website and you can get selling with delay!

Not with Amazon? Other websites such as Shopify also have strict rules about the photography, image resolution, file size, etc., but that's no problem - we can make sure that your images are compliant with whichever internet retailer is the most suitable for your product or commercial photography.   

December 2017 - Christmas and New Year opening

It's that time of year again, and we're all looking forward to the Christmas break after a very busy year. The studio will be working as usual right up until Friday 22nd December. The product photography studio will be closed from Saturday 23rd December until Tuesday 2nd January. There's still just about time to get your product photography completed before Christmas so get in touch now!

December 2017 - Health food supplement photography

Here's an image from a recent product photography photoshoot in the Gold Coast product photography studio in Tugun of some health food supplements in a group and with a fading reflection. Product shots like this are an ideal way to showcase your products on your website and to get customers to engage online and in the real world. There's no replacing really good product photography!

Health food photography

November 2017 - Flat-lay clothing photography

There are lots of different ways to shoot clothing, including on a model, on a mannequin, and on a ghost mannequin (where the mannequin is apparently invisible), but the simplest form is flat-lay photography. As you might have guessed, flat-lay photography is where the clothing is laid out flat and shot straight on. Although this is more simple than, for example, a fashion photoshoot with a model, the set-up can still be quite complex and will also be unique for each type of clothing or even for each design. Here's a picture from the Gold Coast product photography studio this week showing the set-up for a flat-lay photoshoot of clothing. The camera is mounted directly above the item of clothing (which has to be wrinkle-free!), there's a light to either side of the camera and a large umbrella behind the t-shirt, which is laid out flat on a photographic backdrop on the floor.

Gold Coast Flat-Lay Clothing

October 2017 - Food and drink photography

We often do food photography at the Gold Coast product photography studio. Sometimes it can be quite tricky - ice-cream, for example, melts really quickly under studio lights! This shot wasn't quite as awkward as that, although bottles can be hard to shoot what with being reflective and transparent. This shot of IonX protein water bottles is a good example of a 'lifestyle' product photography shot in which the products are shown in a pleasing arrangement and a reflection has been added too. 

Food and Drink Photography Gold

September 2017 - Fishing tackle photography

Something a bit different this week... fishing tackle photography! These fishing lures are quite fun to photography, but the product photographer needs to be careful of the very reflective nature of the fishing tackle and to make sure that the colour doesn't get lost in the bounce back from the studio flash. The result, with a bit of Photoshop wizardry, is pretty though!

Fishing Tackle Photography

August 2017 - Large product photography on location

Most product photography can be done in the Gold Coast product photography studio, but sometimes we get a job where the product is big enough that we need to do the shoot on site, and this was one such job! For this large product photography shoot, we set up a mobile studio in the factory and moved the BBQs into position one after another. Shooting products like this can be tricky because the surroundings aren't under as precise control as they are in a studio setting, but there are a few tricks that photographers know to reduce the impact of, for example, reflections of the factory itself. It's quite nice to shoot such large products for a change!

Large Product Photography -

July 2017 - Commercial fitness photoshoot

Although product photography is our speciality, we also do a lot of commercial photoshoots at our Gold Coast photography studio (or on location). Here's an image of a recent commercial fitness shoot with Ashley, who went through over a hundred positions and exercises during a 3-hour photoshoot without breaking a sweat.
If your business needs a commercial photoshoot to show off you doing what you do best, then drop us a line at Pristine Product Photography and we can discuss how to make your photoshoot happen.
Commercial Fitness Photoshoot

June 2017 - Flat-lay clothing photography

There are lots of different ways to shoot clothing for websites, catalogues and advertising. The clothes can be on a model (or models, if you have a whole range of clothing and sizes, etc.), they can be shot on a mannequin or a ghost mannequin (ghost mannequin photography involves taking several shots of the clothes, inside and out, and then stitching the images together so it looks like the clothing is being worn by an invisible model), but the simplest option is flat lay clothing photography. As you probably realise, flat lay photography is where the clothing is laid down flat and photographed. For this shot, which came from a recent fashion photoshoot with Hellobeanies, it's technically not a flat lay photograph as the hat was on a mannequin head to give the beanie some shape – however, the end result is basically a flat lay photograph. Here at the Gold Coast product photography studio, we can accomodate most types of clothing and fashion shoots, whether it involves a fine-art fashion photoshoot for a magazine spread or a simple flat lay photograph.

Flat Lay Clothing Photography

June 2017 - Beauty product photography

Here is a nice product photography image with some gorgeous colours from a recent photoshoot at the Gold Coast product photography studio with Esmi make-up. Although this shot was pretty simple, shooting with powder involves quite a lot more styling than you'd imagine. Anyone can splatter some powder about... but can they make it look pretty? Many people don't realise, as well as the lighting and the photography, just how much goes into organising and styling a product photography photoshoot, even when – or perhaps even particularly – when the arrangement appears to be a "random" scatter.     

Beauty Product Photography

May 2017 - Product photography with food

Product photography can be a challenge and food photography is a very specialised type of photography... so when you put them together, it can all get very complicated. In fact, this photoshoot for Meal Prep was quite simple - the black product is a nice easy thing to shoot, so adding food didn't make things too tricky. When shooting food, it needs to be lit in a certain way ("normal" product lighting can make the food look cold and unattractive) and some food works and some food doesn't. Also, the photographer and stylist need to use food that won't degrade during the photoshoot - for example, a slice of fruit will be in a bit of a state under the lights within a few minutes. It's all in the timing! There are a few tricks that food photographers use to make the food look great too, which is why it's always worth getting some really high quality photography for your food images, particularly if you're trying to entice people into a meal!

Product Food Photography 

April 2017 - Commercial flooring photography

This shot is from a large product photography job with Tactile Systems on the Gold Coast who provide a wide range of flooring for commercial premises, including these tactile plates. These products were not only quite large and heavy, but also highly reflective, which always makes the product photography a challenge. Due to the size of the products, they wouldn't fit into a product tent (a white tent with no sharp corners), which is the usual method to reduce reflections when doing product photography. So, in this case, we used the studio itself as a light tent and lit the whole studio ceiling. The ceiling in the studio is painted white for that very reason!

Commercial flooring photography

March 2017 - Product photography with added Photoshop

Your product might look great all on its own, but sometimes you need a bit of extra added oomph and a bit of Photoshop to make your image stand out. What's that? You didn't realise that the images are Photoshopped? Well, yes, they are. Pretty much every product photography advertising shot has been manipulated in some way or another. It might be as simple as making sure the background is completely white rather than almost white, or just a bit of a sharpen here and there. On the other hand, it may involve adding a background, combining products, adding shadows and reflections, or pretty much anything that you can imagine. As an example, here's a recent bit of product photography from the Gold Coast Photography Studio where we've combined some products, added a bit of background shadow, and - above all - given it a nice sunny summer feel to suit the sunglasses.

Product Photography With

February 2017 - Why your business needs professional product photography

There's a new blog article on the Gold Coast Photography Studio website written by matt, the chief photographer at Pristine Product Photography, about why your business needs professional product photography and why doing product photography on the cheap just won't cut it.

January 2017 - Candle photography

Here's a photography from a recent product photography photoshoot of some candles and homewares. It's nice to be able to shoot some really bright rich colours!

Homeware photography - candles

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