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A selection of the things going on in the Gold Coast product photography studio in Tugun

Jan 2021 - Happy New Year from Pristine Product Photography!

Although we did some great photoshoots last year and enjoyed working with many new clients, I think it's fair to say that we're all glad to see the back of 2020. But it's a new year and things are looking up for 2021, so Pristine Product Photography are glad to be working with you to produce fabulous photographs to promote your brand.

Currently, Pristine Product Photography is operating almost as normal, but please note the following:
• Social distancing rules apply and some photoshoots and services may not be available.
• Contactless product photography available.
• Products will be cleaned and returned by post or disposed of depending on your preference.

If there are any changes to services or arrangements, we'll let you know on the websites, as well as the usual socials.

So happy new year and we look forward to seeing you soon!

March 2020 - Wine Photography

Here at Pristine Product Photography on the Gold Coast, we like the odd bottle of wine whether we're drinking it or shooting it! This satisfyingly clean and simple image is from a recent photoshoot with some bottles of red wine and we added a subtle reflection to give the product photography a more sophisticated look, which is just what you need if you're shooting wine.

Product photography of bottles generally, and wine bottles in particular, is a funny thing - it's quite easy to get 'okay' shots of a bottle of wine, but it can be very hard to get really good shots unless you know what you're doing and have the right equipment. This shot, for example, although seemingly quite simple, involved a product photography table, a special reflector for the reflection, a product photography tent, and no fewer than five studio strobe lights. Plus a pro camera (a Nikon D850) and lens of course!

The photographers at Pristine Product Photography are the experts in food and wine photography on the Gold Coast, so whether you need a simple product photography photoshoot or an elaborate lifestyle photoshoot, get in touch with Pristine Product Photography now!

Red Wine Photography by Pristine Product Photography Gold Coast

February 2020 - Promote your business with Pristine Product Photography now!

The quality of websites and product photography is higher than ever and so to make sure your business and products stand out from the crowd, you need exceptionally high-quality product photography from the Gold Coast's leading product photography specialists!

Established in 2011, Pristine Product Photography is the Gold Coast's leading product photography studio for online and print advertising, websites and e-commerce. No matter what the size of your project or company, we can economically photograph your products and have your high-resolution and web-optimised images delivered on time and within budget.

As well as standard product photography on a white background, we can add little touches such as shadows or reflections to give your images a bit more sophistication than your competitors. Adding text and inset photographs is no problem either, and product photography like this is becoming increasingly important in the world of Amazon, Shopify and the rest. If your product needs to be shown in use or on a model, here at Pristine Product Photography (Gold Coast) we can use our dedicated photography studio to shoot your business in action!

Pristine Product Photography Gold Coast

November 2019 - Sunglasses Photography - it's almost summer!

The sun's out, so don't forget your sunnies! Here's an image from a recent photoshoot of some Surf Life Savers branded sunglasses from Pacific Optics. This particular image was fairly simple to shoot as we have all the necessary product photography lighting and equipment to show off your products at their best. Very little photoshop was needed for this photograph and this is (almost) straight out of the camera!

Sunglasses Product Photography Gold Coast

November 2019 - Busy busy busy in the product photography studio!

Pristine Product Photography has been a bit quiet on the blog and on social media recently. Is that because we haven't been doing very much? No! It's because we've been so busy with product photography, studio photoshoots and commercial videography that we've had no time to update everything else! As our reputation for exceptionally high quality commercial photography has spread, the studio has become very busy indeed. In particular, we've been doing several big projects with big companies, and you'll be seeing the results soon. But don't panic, it's all good, and Pristine Product Photography will be able to fit your photoshoot in with no problem at all. What's that quote? "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it" - well, that's us right now!

August 2019 - Product Photography of Coffee Presses

Another type of product that comes through the studio to be photographed very often is kitchen equipment and utensils and here's an example of a product photography photoshoot this week of some very attractive coffee presses and canisters. Sometimes, photography of kitchen utensils can be quite complex because it might be shiny, awkardly shaped or have small details that need to stand out, but this photoshoot of coffee presses was quite simple. The major thing to keep in mind - as well as the usual lighting, focus and composition - was to keep the colours true to the original, which many non-professional photographers struggle with both during the photography and the photoshop processing. Here in the Pristine Product Photography studio we use (very expensive!) lights and our expertise to make sure that the images faithfully represent your product.
These images are also in line with the specifications for e-commerce sites such as Amazon (usually they'd be square, but they've been cropped just for the Pristine Product Photography website), which is becoming increasingly important for many clients.

Coffee Press and Kitchen Equipment Product Photography Gold Coast

July 2019 - Bicycle Stand Product Photography

Well, we've had surfboard photography on the blog, so time to add another one of my loves and for some bicycle photography. Actually, this was not product photography for the bike but for the stand, which is a great bit of kit for the serious cyclist from TeeKay Industries on the Gold Coast.
Bicycle Stand Product Photography Gold Coast

June 2019 - Furniture photography

As well as product photography of small things on a white background, we can shoot big things in a lifestyle photography setting, like this sofa that we shot in the studio recently. To photograph large items like furniture or beds, we sometimes shoot them in the studio, either against a white background or in a lifestyle setting like this, but often we'll shoot them on location so that we get exactly the style of photography to show your products in their best light. If you have large items like furniture to photograph or if you'd prefer a lifestyle photography setting for your products, get in touch with Pristine Product Photography on the Gold Coast and we'll advise you about the best and most cost-efficient way to shoot your products.

Sofa in white room

June 2019 - Commercial videography

Pristine Product Photography is now offering a commercial videography service. Like many commercial photographers, we are also adept at shooting movies on our cameras and we have recently moved into videography and editing. As we are not a dedicated film studio, the videography service is currently limited to simple video shoots for websites and social media, but this also makes us one of the most cost-effective commercial videography services on the Gold Coast. So if you'd like to show your business in action with a high-quality commercial videography shoot, get in touch!

May 2019 - Beauty product photography

This is a nice colourful shot of some skin treament serum. Although this nice crisp image on a white background looks relatively simple, this one is a more complex product photography shot than you might imagine. First of all, shooting a clear glass bottle against a bright white background can be a challenge as it can be tricky to see the edges of the bottle. There are a couple of lighting tricks that product photographers use to emphasise the edges of clear items, and we had to use all of them for this shot! Another potential issue is shooting the translucent liquid while maintaining its colour. It's critically important when doing product photography that the colour of the product doesn't change, particularly for beauty products and make-up. You wouldn't want to buy a light pink beauty product and find it was bright red or vice versa!

Skin serum beauty product photography

April 2019 - Recycled polystyrene surfboard blank

This image of a recycled polystyrene surfboard blank combines a few of our favourite things - surfing, green recycling technology, and, of course, product photography. This photo was with the guys at Polystyrene Solutions on the Gold Coast who have worked out a clever way to recycle waste polystyrene and to turn it into something useful rather than it going to landfill. In this case, the waste polystyrene has been turned into a surfboard blank (the starting material for a surfboard before it is shaped and glassed), which goes to prove that this polystyrene recycling technique produces really high-quality products.
Although the Pristine Product Photography studio can handle most types of shoots, for some shoots of very large products or more technical shoots, we collaborate with some of the larger commercial photography studios on the Gold Coast. For this shoot, some of the products were quite large and we wanted to add a shadow stretching out to one side, which required a studio strobe to be mounted high above the product, so we used a large studio space with a cyclorama (a curved white background that runs seamlessly down the wall and onto the floor) rather than our own studio. By having this larger studio space available, Pristine Product Photography can shoot very large products - up to about the size of a large car! So even if you have a very large product that you need shooting, get in touch and we'll work it out!

Recycled Surfboard

March 2019 - Reflective product photography

One thing that most people will struggle with if they try to do their own product photography is with reflective products. Unless you have the right equipment and a great deal of experience, it almost certainly won't be of a professional standard (which is why you should use a professional product photographer!) and it won't reflect well on your company (excuse the pun). But here at Pristine Product Photography Gold Coast, we do have the equipment and the knowhow! Here's a picture of some very shiny beauty products that we recently photographed in the product photography studio. For this image, we photographed the scissors individually and then stitched the photos together in Photoshop and added a reflection too for a more sophisticated product photography image. I like this shot - it looks like the scissors are dancing!  

Product Photography of Shiny Scissors
              with a reflection

February 2019 - Download the product photography price list

If you need the Pristine Product Photography price list as a PDF file, you can download it from the following link...
Pristine Product Photography (Gold Coast) Price List.

February 2019 - Aerial hammock bundle kit

Here is a photograph of an aerial hammock kit that is a bit more complex than usual or, at least, has a lot more stuff in it! For many group product photography images, it's fairly simple to arrange them in an attractive way and then take one photograph. However, for some shots - like this one - that's not practical for a couple of reasons/. First of all, there are simply a lot of things to fit in! What's more, some of the parts are very large (the aerial hammock and straps) while some are quite small (the screws and bolts) so it wouldn't work to do it to scale. Also, the lighting wouldn't work for all the different bits - for example, for the hammock itself to be nicely lit means a quite bright and angled light, which would make the reflective items white on one side and black on the other (yuck!). So, for this shot, each of the parts was photographed separately and then all stitched together afterwards in Photoshop.

Aerial Hammock Kit

February 2019 - Make-Up Photography

This week in the Pristine Product Photography Studio on the Gold Coast, we've been shooting a lot of make-up. Here's one image showing a very pretty make-up powder in a gold tin with a mirror. Quite often, I add a photo to the product photography blog to show off a particular type of photography or a special kind of image, but in this case, I just happen to think that this picture is very pretty!

Make-Up Product

January 2019 - Health supplement product photography

Here's a nice colourful product photography image from a shoot this week with Perfect Supplements Australia. This image is a little more sophisticated than a standard product photography shoot as it's not only of a group of products, but also has a fading reflection. A shot like this is good for demonstrating your range or for offering packages of several products at once. The positioning of the products, lighting, and post-production of the images is key for high-quality product photography like this and it really shows off your brand in its best light!

              supplement product photography

January 2019 - Product photography with added graphic design

For this photoshoot of a laser distance meter, we wanted to highlight some important features and to add some explanatory text. Many clients, particularly those advertising on Amazon, Shopify, etc., like to be able to add this essential info to their product photography images as it instantly tells the potential purchaser all they need to know and will improve the sales of your product. Here at Pristine Product Photography on the Gold Coast, as well as being expert product photographerts, we can add text, highlight features and use graphic design to really make your product stand out from the crowd!

Product photography with text and graphic design

January 2019 - Happy New Year!

It's a brand new year - the perfect time of year to make sure that your business and products are looking their best! January is a busy time in the product photography studio, so make sure you get in touch with Pristine Product Photography as soon as you can to make sure that you're at the front of the queue.
There have been a couple of minor changes to the product photography pricing andterms and conditions so make sure that you check those out before you book in a photoshoot.

If you want to see earlier blog posts from Pristine Product Photography and the Gold Coast Product Photography Studio, then see the Product Photography Blog 2018 page.

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