Frequently asked questions

How do I get in contact with Pristine Product Photography?

Click here to email PPP

Call us on 0479 060 317

Or use our contact page. The contact page or email is often the quickest way to get hold of us!

Where is PPP based?

Pristine Product Photography is located in Tugun at the southern end of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Does PPP have a public shopfront?

No. To keep costs down, we work primarily online, with products delivered to the studio in Tugun (QLD 4224) for photography or the photographer will come to you.

What type of photography can PPP do?

We can do almost any type of commercial photography including product photography, lifestyle photography, commercial studio photography, and commercial headshots. We can even do on-site and location photography.

How does a product photography shoot work?

Generally, the products are delivered to the product photography studio in Tugun. Usually, we don't need you to be here during the shoot and you can leave it with us. The shots will be processed, and then uploaded to the transfer site from which you can download your shots directly. The products can then be picked up from Pristine Product Photography.

Can you shoot the products at our place?

Generally the results are better if we do the product photography in the fully equipped studio, but on-site photoshoots can often be arranged. For larger items, on-site photography is often the simplest option.

How long does a product photography shoot take?

For standard and relatively simple shots, turnover time is usually 5-7 days from the time of delivery of the products to Pristine Product Photography.

When the shots are more complicated or involve a large number of products, the delivery date for the images will be agreed before the shoot begins.

We're going to be selling our products on Amazon, will the images be compliant with Amazon's rules?

Yes. If you're selling your products or services on Amazon (or any other internet retail site, including Shopify, eBay, etc.), just let us know and we'll make sure that the image is suitable for the Amazon website.

If you're selling your product across multiple retail platforms that have different rules about, for example, image size and resolution, we'll be able to supply multiple versions of the same image for a small charge.

Do you do post-processing of the images? What does standard post-processing include?

Yes. The Pristine Product Photography pricing includes standard post-processing of all shots.

Standard post-processing of product photography images includes a clean up of the image to remove minor flaws, and some adjustments to optimise the image and the background. Further processing and graphic design are also available.

I want some shots of my products at the beach/on a birthday cake/with flowers, can you do shots like that?

Yes. We can do almost any shot that you can imagine.

The price of stylised or lifestyle photography will be discussed before the shoot.

Who has PPP worked with before?

Pristine Product Photography and its photographers have worked with a large number of companies, both big and small.

Clients include L'Occitane, Harley-Davidson, Sea-Doo, Pacific Optics, and the Make-Up Cartel to name but a few.

What can I use the shots for?

Usage will be discussed before the shoot. In general, PPP will retain copyright of the images and will grant the client usage rights for promotional purposes.

Copyright buyout for the images can be arranged if required.

I'm not happy with the shots - will you re-shoot them?

If there is something wrong with the shots, then we will always re-shoot your images at no extra charge.

Please see our re-shoot policy as well as the terms & conditions.

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